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  • Abelir Ramdhenu

    Fri 8:30 pm 20-01-2017
    Episode 131
  • Abelir Ramdhenu

    Thu 8:30 pm 19-01-2017
    Episode 130
  • Abelir Ramdhenu

    Wed 8:30 pm 18-01-2017
    Episode 129
  • Abelir Ramdhenu

    Tue 8:30 pm 17-01-2017
    Episode 128
  • Abelir Ramdhenu

    Mon 8:30 pm 16-01-2017
    Episode 127
  • Abelir Ramdhenu

    Sat 8:30 pm 14-01-2017
    Episode 126
  • Abelir Ramdhenu

    Fri 8:30 pm 13-01-2017
    Episode 125
  • Abelir Ramdhenu

    Thu 8:30 pm 12-01-2017
    Episode 124
  • Abelir Ramdhenu

    Wed 8:30 pm 11-01-2017
    Episode 123
  • Abelir Ramdhenu

    Tue 8:30 pm 10-01-2017
    Episode 122

About Abelir Ramdhenu

<p>A young mind is akin to a rainbow --- the vagaries a youthful mind is similar to the radiance of a rainbow. Rekhas mind is in full bloom, similar to the colours of a flower or the seven colours of a rainbow. On a general note, she is a fun-loving and somewhat mischievous girl. Her simplicity, generous and amiable nature is the crux of her personality. Her family includes her father, mother, a sister and a brother. In comparison to her brother and sister, Rekha is not very good in studies. Therefore she shoulders a lot of responsibility in looking after the needs of the family. However, as days pass by her brother and sister get more and more materialistic and this affects the family. The attitudinal change results in the family falling apart. Her dreams get shattered and the ideals of her parents, their hopes and aspirations fall like a pack of cards. Her simple life gets upside down. Despite all odds, she fights back in life to succeed, and to restore and cherish the ideals of her father. She also finds love blossom in life --- something that had almost ended abruptly. Her strength and determination becomes an inspiration for others. The colours of her life blossom once again: the seven-coloured rainbow returns to her life.</p>

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