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  • Agni

    Tue 8:00 pm 15-01-2019
    Episode 90
  • Agni

    Mon 8:00 pm 14-01-2019
    Episode 89
  • Agni

    Sat 8:00 pm 12-01-2019
    Episode 88
  • Agni

    Fri 8:00 pm 11-01-2019
    Episode 87
  • Agni

    Thu 8:00 pm 10-01-2019
    Episode 86
  • Agni

    Wed 8:00 pm 09-01-2019
    Episode 85
  • Agni

    Tue 8:00 pm 08-01-2019
    Episode 84
  • Agni

    Mon 8:00 pm 07-01-2019
    Episode 83
  • Agni

    Sat 8:00 pm 05-01-2019
    Episode 82
  • Agni

    Fri 8:00 pm 04-01-2019
    Episode 81

About Agni

The storyline of Agnee is based on political, social and family drama which includes love, hatred, greed, and jealousy. The need of power, position and greed leads to self destruction and heavy loss for each individual. Mukunda portrays the role of a prominent politician who is not willing to spare his own family just to hold his power and position in politics which costs the relationship of Aditi and Ayush (Mukunda's Son). Since Ayush lost his mother in his childhood,he was brought up by his step mother Rewati, who misguided and showed him the wrong way of life. While ayush lost his ability to decide the wrong and right side being a pet of Rewati, he falls after Aditi to take revenge .Aditi on the other hand, doesn’t give up and fights for every injustice done to her.

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