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  • Amrawati

    Thu 9:30 pm 19-07-2018
    Episode 154
  • Amrawati

    Wed 9:30 pm 18-07-2018
    Episode 153
  • Amrawati

    Tue 9:30 pm 17-07-2018
    Episode 152
  • Amrawati

    Mon 9:30 pm 16-07-2018
    Episode 151
  • Amrawati

    Sat 9:30 pm 14-07-2018
    Episode 150
  • Amrawati

    Fri 9:30 pm 13-07-2018
    Episode 149
  • Amrawati

    Thu 9:30 pm 12-07-2018
    Episode 148
  • Amrawati

    Wed 9:30 pm 11-07-2018
    Episode 147
  • Amrawati

    Tue 9:30 pm 10-07-2018
    Episode 146
  • Amrawati

    Mon 9:30 pm 09-07-2018
    Episode 145

About Amrawati

 A satirical comedy BAH AMRAWATI BAH is a tele-serial where the plot revolves around an imaginary township named AMRAWATI located at the outskirts of a city. The characters will be played by some of the well known veteran actors of Assam. People who dwindle in this locality are from various walks of life for example lawyers, teachers, businessmen, government officials etc. The people who are dwindling in this locality named AMRAWATI have their own set of lives where they face every challenges of life with a smile on their face. The all-pervasive light-hearted comedy most of the characters portray have been widely acclaimed by the audience. The mainaim of the tele-serial is to send a positive message to the people.


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