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  • Anuradha

    Tue 2:30 am 29-11-2016
    Episode 66
  • Anuradha

    Fri 2:30 am 28-10-2016
    Episode 65
  • Anuradha

    Thu 2:30 am 27-10-2016
    Episode 64
  • Anuradha

    Wed 2:30 am 26-10-2016
    Episode 63
  • Anuradha

    Tue 2:30 am 25-10-2016
    Episode 62
  • Anuradha

    Sat 2:30 am 22-10-2016
    Episode 60
  • Anuradha

    Fri 2:30 am 21-10-2016
    Episode 59
  • Anuradha

    Thu 2:30 am 20-10-2016
    Episode 58
  • Anuradha

    Wed 2:30 am 19-10-2016
    Episode 57
  • Anuradha

    Tue 2:30 am 18-10-2016
    Episode 56

About Anuradha

Samir a high ranked officer in a company headed by Mr. Anil Phukan is in the state of oblivion and is mentally fickle. The active employee of the office Miss Shivani used to reminds him everything. Mr. Anil Phukan takes his care as he knows about the mental change of Samir due to the accidental death of his lover Anuradha. Samir and Bitopan are childhood friend by heart. Bitopan left for foreign after completion of his study. Bitopan knows everything about the childhood history of Samir, his sister Mausumi and his lover Anuradha. Bitopan did not knew the tragic death of Anuradha. Now Bitopan come to know Samir's situation from Mr. Anil Phukan. samir was devoid of enthusiasm at the mental shock attained from the death of his lover Anuradha. Samir took Bitopan to his home to stay together. Bitopan become compassionate on Samir and tried to pacify him.

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