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  • Ardhangini

    Fri 8:30 pm 20-04-2018
    Episode 238
  • Ardhangini

    Thu 8:30 pm 19-04-2018
    Episode 237
  • Ardhangini

    Wed 8:30 pm 18-04-2018
    Episode 236
  • Ardhangini

    Tue 8:30 pm 17-04-2018
    Episode 235
  • Ardhangini

    Mon 8:30 pm 16-04-2018
    Episode 234
  • Ardhangini

    Sat 8:30 pm 14-04-2018
    Episode 233
  • Ardhangini

    Fri 8:30 pm 13-04-2018
    Episode 232
  • Ardhangini

    Thu 8:30 pm 12-04-2018
    Episode 231
  • Ardhangini

    Wed 8:30 pm 11-04-2018
    Episode 230
  • Ardhangini

    Tue 8:30 pm 10-04-2018
    Episode 229

About Ardhangini

Ardhangini is a story of two identical twin sisters who belong to a conservative family. Their father being the head master of a school and mother a perfect home maker holds a very good impression in the society. Like any household, the father highly holds the prestige and pride of his family However not everyone of the family holds the same regard like the father. The two sisters having immense love and care for each other grew old to have some different characteristics. The elder one is a responsible and family oriented girl. the younger one is totally opposite she becomes more selfish and introvert.The story takes a twist when the younger sister runs away with the fiancé  of her elder sister on her wedding day leaving a note for the family. Reading the note the elder sister decides to sacrifice every thing in order to protect the pride of the family and gets married to the groom of her younger sister. No one could know the truth since the sisters were identical.Now the story further illustrates the comparative life struggle between the two sisters on how the elder sister tries to become someone els sacrificing her own identity and her own wishes.

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