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  • Boidehi

    Tue 8:30 pm 21-03-2017
    Episode 50
  • Boidehi

    Mon 8:30 pm 20-03-2017
    Episode 49
  • Boidehi

    Sat 8:30 pm 18-03-2017
    Episode 48
  • Boidehi

    Fri 8:30 pm 17-03-2017
    Episode 47
  • Boidehi

    Thu 8:30 pm 16-03-2017
    Episode 46
  • Boidehi

    Wed 8:30 pm 15-03-2017
    Episode 45
  • Boidehi

    Tue 8:30 pm 14-03-2017
    Episode 44
  • Boidehi

    Mon 8:30 pm 13-03-2017
    Episode 43
  • Boidehi

    Sat 8:30 pm 11-03-2017
    Episode 42
  • Boidehi

    Fri 8:30 pm 10-03-2017
    Episode 41

About Boidehi

Voidehi the serial is based on the trials and tribulations in the life of a woman. Voidehi the protagonist in the serial is married to Raj Pratim Borthakur with whom she has fallen in love. But the marriage is doomed as the parents of Raj Pratim were against the marriage because she is from a lower caste family. The central character Voidehi is a medical student who has spent her childhood with lots of fun and happiness. For her life is all about smile and fun. But her vision of life has totally changed when she with her husband were bound to leave house. And they started to stay in a rented house. But the serial took a different turn when Raj Pratim’s family played a conspiracy by calling them back to home. Then Voidehi and raj Pratim were blessed with a baby child and since then the family members started showing their real face by mentally torturing Voidehi.

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