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  • Borola Kai

    Fri 10:00 pm 10-08-2018
    Episode 1030
  • Borola Kai

    Thu 10:00 pm 09-08-2018
    Episode 1029
  • Borola Kai

    Wed 10:00 pm 08-08-2018
    Episode 1028
  • Borola Kai

    Tue 10:00 pm 07-08-2018
    Episode 1027
  • Borola Kai

    Mon 10:00 pm 06-08-2018
    Episode 1026
  • Borola Kai

    Sat 10:00 pm 04-08-2018
    Episode 1025
  • Borola Kai

    Fri 10:00 pm 03-08-2018
    Episode 1024
  • Borola Kai

    Thu 10:00 pm 02-08-2018
    Episode 1023
  • Borola Kai

    Wed 10:00 pm 01-08-2018
    Episode 1022
  • Borola Kai

    Tue 10:00 pm 31-07-2018
    Episode 1021

About Borola Kai

The television series BOROLA KAI revolves around a person, and the people associated with this special character. The main character of BOROLA KAI hails from Upper Assam but has been staying in Lower Assam where he is employed as a teacher. BOROLA KAI in Assamese parlance is an unmarried person (BOROLA is an unmarried person while KAI in Assamese is the shortened form for brother). This person becomes quite famous in the locality he stays and the plot revolves around attempts made by his neighbours and friends to find him a bride. The tele-serial focus on the semi-rural life and the simplicity of the people living in rural pockets of Assam. The love and concern people in rural and semi-urban areas of Assam in particular have for one another, their emotions and the strong bond of comradeship find ample reflection through the characters of the serial. BOROLA KAI, thus, has been getting high viewership week in and week out.

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