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  • Doiboki

    Fri 8:00 pm 16-08-2019
    Episode 23
  • Doiboki

    Thu 8:00 pm 15-08-2019
    Episode 22
  • Doiboki

    Wed 8:00 pm 14-08-2019
    Episode 21
  • Doiboki

    Tue 8:00 pm 13-08-2019
    Episode 20
  • Doiboki

    Mon 8:00 pm 12-08-2019
    Episode 19
  • Doiboki

    Sat 8:00 pm 10-08-2019
    Episode 18
  • Doiboki

    Fri 8:00 pm 09-08-2019
    Episode 17
  • Doiboki

    Thu 8:00 pm 08-08-2019
    Episode 16
  • Doiboki

    Wed 8:00 pm 07-08-2019
    Episode 15
  • Doiboki

    Tue 8:00 pm 06-08-2019
    Episode 14

About Doiboki

 Loving someone unconditionally and giving him the total control of your life are two very different things. What happens with most of our dear friends is the fact that they take the unconditional love philosophy in its abstract manner. Listening and accepting your loved ones all reasonable and unreasonable demands is what we easily understand and do in the name of unconditional love. Unfortunately, it is servitude. It is the fear of momentary unpleasantness in the relationship and insecurity that abets an individual to fall for all such demands. DOIBOKI is the promise of accepting loved ones weaknesses and standing by him/her even in his or her most terrible times. It is not giving you away at his/her disposal. With the passage of time the equations of some relationships do change.

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