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    Sat 2:30 pm 04-02-2017
    Episode 78
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    Fri 2:30 pm 03-02-2017
    Episode 77
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    Thu 2:30 pm 02-02-2017
    Episode 76
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    Wed 2:30 pm 01-02-2017
    Episode 75
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    Tue 2:30 pm 31-01-2017
    Episode 74
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    Mon 2:30 pm 30-01-2017
    Episode 73
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    Sat 2:30 pm 28-01-2017
    Episode 72
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    Fri 2:30 pm 27-01-2017
    Episode 71
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    Thu 2:30 pm 26-01-2017
    Episode 70
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    Wed 2:30 pm 25-01-2017
    Episode 69

About Logon

<p>&lt;p&gt;Here is this story LOGON our protagonist MALINI is an educated girl who has crossed the common marriageable age. The Fact that she is good looking and may have been married to the richest person in the city is marred by the fact that she is a poor girl who suvives on&amp;nbsp; tuitions along with her college going sister ANJALI and her retired, pension-less father JAGAT BARUA. The story revolves&amp;nbsp; around the families of Jgat Baruah and his friend ARUN DUTTA, a rich businessman with a second wife. The family of Arun Dutta consists of two sons from his previous wife. The first son Manab a sharp and intelligent guy meets with an accident and become&nbsp; handicapped confined to his wheel chair. The second son ANUJ is a college going boy with his own whims and fancies of a young boy with a few friends one of whom is RAHUL.</p>

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