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  • Nedekha Nodir Ghat

    Wed 8:30 pm 16-01-2019
    Episode 09
  • Nedekha Nodir Ghat

    Tue 8:30 pm 15-01-2019
    Episode 08
  • Nedekha Nodir Ghat

    Mon 8:30 pm 14-01-2019
    Episode 07
  • Nedekha Nodir Ghat

    Sat 8:30 pm 12-01-2019
    Episode 06
  • Nedekha Nodir Ghat

    Fri 8:30 pm 11-01-2019
    Episode 05
  • Nedekha Nodir Ghat

    Thu 8:30 pm 10-01-2019
    Episode 04
  • Nedekha Nodir Ghat

    Wed 8:30 pm 09-01-2019
    Episode 03
  • Nedekha Nodir Ghat

    Tue 8:30 pm 08-01-2019
    Episode 02
  • Nedekha Nodir Ghat

    Mon 8:30 pm 07-01-2019
    Episode 01

About Nedekha Nodir Ghat

The simplest definition of ego is that it destroys everything on its path. Nedekha Nodir Ghat is a new mega serial where we will try to reflect the destructive consequences 
of ego and greed for power. Its a story of a woman who once had everything in her life but eventually she lost everything and lived a lonely life. Ayushman, the one and only son of business man Chandramohon Chaliha marries Syamontika. She is a highly qualified advocate and her father is Bichitra Choudhary who is also a renowned advocate. They were leading a happy married life and after few years they were blessed with a baby boy. But destiny had some other plans as for some reason she had to face the wrath of her in-laws. But Shyamontika was a woman of self-respect and she strongly stood against her in laws. Eventually the atmosphere at home turned unbearable for her and one day Shyamontika lost her beloved husband in a tragic accident. Her in-laws blamed Shamontika for Ayushmans death. With no solution in sight One day Shyamontika went back to her fathers home with her son. Her in-laws tried hard to snatch away her son Suraj from her and eventually they succeeded. Shyamontikas maternal uncle, Pranab, a very greedy man, had eyes on her fathers property. So he arranged Shyamontikas marriage with a man named Robin. Underpressure from maternal uncle, Shyamontika got married to Robin, but very soon she came to know that she was part of a conspiracy. Devastated and dejected, she again left Robin and returned to her fathers home and there begins, her struggle for a new journey of life. A journey with an aimless destination where only hopes, floats and determination and perspiration coexist. An endless journey on a river called life began. NEDEKHA NODIR GHAT

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