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  • Noopur

    Tue 9:30 pm 19-03-2019
    Episode 62
  • Noopur

    Mon 9:30 pm 18-03-2019
    Episode 61
  • Noopur

    Sat 9:30 pm 16-03-2019
    Episode 60
  • Noopur

    Fri 9:30 pm 15-03-2019
    Episode 59
  • Noopur

    Thu 9:30 pm 14-03-2019
    Episode 58
  • Noopur

    Wed 9:30 pm 13-03-2019
    Episode 57
  • Noopur

    Mon 9:30 pm 11-03-2019
    Episode 55
  • Noopur

    Sat 9:30 pm 09-03-2019
    Episode 54
  • Noopur

    Fri 9:30 pm 08-03-2019
    Episode 53
  • Noopur

    Thu 9:30 pm 07-03-2019
    Episode 52

About Noopur

 The Story of Nupur's birth is similar to that of kunti putra Karna. Nupur Was born as a result of her mother's unsuccessful love story followed by her getting dumped by her lover. Family members and relatives forced her to kill her child even before her birth. But Nupu's mother Decided to go against them and after much struggle gave birth to Nupur. But in our society. Being a father lesschild in worse than being an orphan. So Nupur's mother left her at the doorstep of a orphanage. Sabitri was the owner of the orphanage and she looked after Nupur like her own Daughter. Nupur was taught to spread love with an pure and lovely heart. But she got victimized by conspiracy of some selfish opportunist. How pure hearted Nupur will face these greedy people and their tactics? will she able to get her real mother's where about’s? The story will progress by answering these mysteries

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