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  • Parineeta

    Tue 8:00 pm 19-03-2019
    Episode 14
  • Parineeta

    Mon 8:00 pm 18-03-2019
    Episode 13
  • Parineeta

    Sat 8:00 pm 16-03-2019
    Episode 12
  • Parineeta

    Fri 8:00 pm 15-03-2019
    Episode 11
  • Parineeta

    Thu 8:00 pm 14-03-2019
    Episode 10
  • Parineeta

    Wed 8:00 pm 13-03-2019
    Episode 09
  • Parineeta

    Tue 8:00 pm 12-03-2019
    Episode 08
  • Parineeta

    Mon 8:00 pm 11-03-2019
    Episode 07
  • Parineeta

    Sat 8:00 pm 09-03-2019
    Episode 06
  • Parineeta

    Fri 8:00 pm 08-03-2019
    Episode 05

About Parineeta

Parineeta is a story about a very simple, easy going, sober, yet a very rich girl. Her father is a renowned industrialist Barun Dutta.  Though she is a very rich girl, yet she always prefers to live a simple and low cost life. She loves Ran, Ranvijay Choudhury, a middle class corporate employee.  Ran lives with his mother.  His father was an honest government employee who always believed in honesty, hard work and purity of mind. Ran's mother always trying to let her son grow with these values.

Mr.Barun dutta wants her daughter to be by him always. He even can not think about her marriage.  Even though he knows that Parineeta will has to have got married with someone , Dutta wants her to get married in a family very near to their home, in the same city. Dutta never approves of the relationship between his daughter and Ran. Because Ran is not of his standards,  socially, economically. Parineeta’s mother supports her and her love but she can not go against her husband’s will. Finally Parineeta's mother manages to proved 1 year to Ran, so that he can became a rich and standardized persona to fit with Barun Dutta.

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