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  • Vagya Bidhata

    Mon 8:00 pm 15-08-2016
    Episode 31
  • Vagya Bidhata

    Sat 8:00 pm 13-08-2016
    Episode 30
  • Vagya Bidhata

    Fri 8:00 pm 12-08-2016
    Episode 29
  • Vagya Bidhata

    Thu 8:00 pm 11-08-2016
    Episode 28
  • Vagya Bidhata

    Wed 8:00 pm 10-08-2016
    Episode 27
  • Vagya Bidhata

    Tue 8:00 pm 09-08-2016
    Episode 26
  • Vagya Bidhata

    Mon 8:00 pm 08-08-2016
    Episode 25
  • Vagya Bidhata

    Sat 8:00 pm 06-08-2016
    Episode 24
  • Vagya Bidhata

    Fri 8:00 pm 05-08-2016
    Episode 23
  • Vagya Bidhata

    Thu 8:00 pm 04-08-2016
    Episode 22

About Vagya Bidhata

<p>Sanjib Talukdar is a business tycoon who leads a good life with his life. His wife, Rakhi is an ideal wife and a home maker. They live in the city with their two daughters Trisha and Birina. Trisha is little introvert, sensitive, artistic, sophisticated and a happy soul. Family values hold a high position for her. Besides she is very concerned about self-respect and being independent. Birina on the other hand is little opposite to her, jolly, enthusiastic, outspoken, and she prefers to stay lightheaded all the time. Our story revolves around the happening and upheavals occur in Trisha's life. They were leading an aristrocratic life until the day came when due to some terrible problem in business, Sanjib Talukdar went bankrupt. All his business entities went in debt. In fact his own house was about to go for Aunction. The Bank found this the only way to recover the housing loan. UInable to do anything to bring the minimum security of life back, Sanjib Talukdar finds committing suicide is the only solution, that too portraying it as an accident. Thus the life insurances will give his family some relief. After her husband's death, Rakhi Talukdar gets a heart attack and dies. And finally we find that the two innocent souls are left in the wild world to face and fright with the harsh reality of life</p>

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