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  • Mon Geet

    Tue 9:30 pm 17-05-2022
    Episode 56
  • Mon Geet

    Mon 9:30 pm 16-05-2022
    Episode 55
  • Mon Geet

    Sat 9:30 pm 14-05-2022
    Episode 54
  • Mon Geet

    Fri 9:30 pm 13-05-2022
    Episode 53
  • Mon Geet

    Thu 9:30 pm 12-05-2022
    Episode 52
  • Mon Geet

    Wed 9:30 pm 11-05-2022
    Episode 51
  • Mon Geet

    Tue 9:30 pm 10-05-2022
    Episode 50
  • Mon Geet

    Mon 9:30 pm 09-05-2022
    Episode 49
  • Mon Geet

    Sat 9:30 pm 07-05-2022
    Episode 48
  • Mon Geet

    Fri 9:30 pm 06-05-2022
    Episode 47

About Mon Geet

Its generally said true love comes to a persons life only once! But can one find true love more than once? Generally its love that usually precedes the holy institution called marriage. But can love blossom between two souls after matrimony? In the case of Monjit and Geetika, the main protagonists of ‘Mongeet’, it was marriage first. It was wedlock first without any love blossoming between them. Let alone accepting Monjit as her Prince Charming, Geetika had actually come under some pressure to marry him! Nevertheless, she fulfilled all her duties and responsibilities of a doting wife. She did everything a wife should do for her husband and his family. But despite her sacrifices and the pain, will Geetika enjoy marital bliss? Will her marriage with Monjit turn out to be a really happy one? Watch the story of Monjit and Geetika unfold in ‘Mongeet’, our new mega serial, Monday to Saturday at 09.30 PM on your favourite entertainment channel Rang TV.

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