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  • Morisika

    Tue 9:00 pm 17-05-2022
    Episode 74
  • Morisika

    Mon 9:00 pm 16-05-2022
    Episode 73
  • Morisika

    Sat 9:00 pm 14-05-2022
    Episode 72
  • Morisika

    Fri 9:00 pm 13-05-2022
    Episode 71
  • Morisika

    Thu 9:00 pm 12-05-2022
    Episode 70
  • Morisika

    Wed 9:00 pm 11-05-2022
    Episode 69
  • Morisika

    Tue 9:00 pm 10-05-2022
    Episode 68
  • Morisika

    Mon 9:00 pm 09-05-2022
    Episode 67
  • Morisika

    Sat 9:00 pm 07-05-2022
    Episode 66
  • Morisika

    Fri 9:00 pm 06-05-2022
    Episode 65

About Morisika

Bedanta Saikia is a simple guy who wants to carry on with a simple family life with his wife Rimpi.But Rimpi has an extra-marital affair with her friend Amlan. The extra-marital affair leads to a massive conflict in thrir their family life. In the turn of events that follows, Bedanta becomes a hardcore and an absconding criminal.
Now, in another twist to the story, Bedanta gives up his earlier life and disguises himself as Sagar who, contrary to Bedanta, is a very kind and soft hearted person.Sagar becames a key person for bringing happiness to a disturbed family. In that family Bedanta is treated as a son, as a brother and as a father too. A new chapter thus begins in Bedanta's life. But will Bedanta remain as Sagar for the rest of his life or will he return to his true self Bedanta? Watch 'Marisika' to know how the story unravels, and the twists and turns associated with it as super star Jatin Borah makes his return to the small screen after 25 years in the mega serial 'Marisika'


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