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  • Sakuntala

    Wed 8:00 pm 23-06-2021
    Episode 33
  • Sakuntala

    Tue 8:00 pm 22-06-2021
    Episode 32
  • Sakuntala

    Mon 8:00 pm 21-06-2021
    Episode 31
  • Sakuntala

    Sat 8:00 pm 19-06-2021
    Episode 30
  • Sakuntala

    Fri 8:00 pm 18-06-2021
    Episode 29
  • Sakuntala

    Thu 8:00 pm 17-06-2021
    Episode 28
  • Sakuntala

    Wed 8:00 pm 16-06-2021
    Episode 27
  • Sakuntala

    Tue 8:00 pm 15-06-2021
    Episode 26
  • Sakuntala

    Mon 8:00 pm 14-06-2021
    Episode 25
  • Sakuntala

    Sat 8:00 pm 12-06-2021
    Episode 24

About Sakuntala

A saga of love, sacrifice, hatred, ambition, ego is all in Sakuntala. The name Sakuntala is derieved from Sanskrit word means brought up by birds. As the name is beautiful so is the story of SAKUNTALA. Its a story of a young girl who is ambitious and believes in following her dreams and giving the best to her family. Her parents are her support pillars who unconditionally under any circumstance stand by her and her dreams and she moves ahead to fulfill them. But life makes her put the interests of others before her own aspirations and she emerges heroic. The character's role is very subdued in the fact that the serial focuses on her quite a lot and takes things from her point of view.

It was about Sakuntala and her husband who is a widow and with a kid. The serial moves on how destiny tries to unite them again and again after they keep getting separated. It is based on doubt and many more things which will make viewers glued to TV screen.

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